CEO Profile

  • Dr. Ann Merah

    From Anesthesiologist to Aromatherapy Entrepreneur

    Dr. Ann Merah is not your typical CEO. A board-certified anesthesiologist with a passion for natural healing, she has harnessed her diverse expertise to become a leading figure in the Canadian wellness industry. As the founder of Kytura Naturals, she is on a mission to transform the world of personal care by offering high-quality, organic oils that enhance both physical and emotional wellness. 

    Her journey, however, began a long way from the realm of essential oils. Following the completion of her medical degree in Nigeria, Ann devoted her professional life to preserving lives within the operating theater. Witnessing firsthand the impact of stress, pain, and the overuse of opioids, she found herself drawn to the therapeutic potential of aromatherapy. Intrigued by its ability to reduce anxiety, pain, and post-operative side effects, she embarked on a personal journey to understand the science of natural oils and their holistic effects. Aromatherapy, with its ancient roots and proven benefits in stress reduction and pain relief, became her calling.

    Fueled by a strong affinity for chemistry and nature, Ann's curiosity went beyond medical applications. She meticulously researched the science behind essential oils, their effects on the brain and body, and their potential to empower individuals on their healing journey. She also studied the effects of essential oils on mood, sleep, and overall well-being, honing her intuitive ability to capture scent experiences and create personalized blends.

    In 2023, Ann's passion culminated in the birth of Kytura Naturals. This premium organic oil company, headquartered in Calgary, offers a range of luxurious, handcrafted body and massage oils, diffuser blends, and custom creations, all meticulously formulated to promote health and wellness. From nourishing and rejuvenating blends to energizing diffusers and mood-enhancing custom oils, Kytura caters to diverse needs, offering a natural path to radiance, tranquility, and overall well-being.

    Kytura Naturals approach to product development is as unique as she is. Her background in anesthesiology informs her understanding of pain management and the human body, while her passion for natural healing guides her product development. Drawing on her medical training, intuitive understanding of her customers’ needs, robust scientific knowledge, and deep spiritual insights from her Christian beliefs, she creates each blend with the care and precision of a seasoned artist. For her, oils are more than just fragrances; they are like "invisible doctors" that bring comfort, calmness, and positive feelings, while providing an elevated energy that is relaxing, nurturing, inviting, and peaceful.

    Beyond the products, Ann's vision extends to a broader transformation. She sees Kytura as a catalyst for change, a force in redefining personal care as a mindful practice that nurtures both body and soul. Her commitment to quality, sustainability, and empowerment transcends mere entrepreneurship; Dr. Ann Merah is not just leading an aromatherapy company — she is spearheading a wellness revolution, one fragrant drop at a time.